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I am not sure who to thank from among the great partners at the Center for Second Language Studies, the Center for Teaching, the Curb Center and the Warren Center for last week’s THATcamp. The program was immensely helpful in terms of identifying key DH projects, recommending digital tools, and introducing new colleagues with similar interests. Thank you all for making this possible.

Celia Walker
Vanderbilt Libraries

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I am a librarian and art historian working as a curator to build exhibits and write interpretive text. I've worked in print, CD Rom and web formats, with Wordpress and ContentDM.

2 Responses to Thank You

  1. Carla says:

    Yes, many thanks to THATCamp planners, hosts, facilitators and presenters for informative and engaging sessions. So much to learn as I begin to understand Digital Humanities and excited to add TEI to the mix.

  2. susan knowles says:

    It was an exciting two days in Nashville! Thanks to the presenters for your broad perspectives as well as specific knowledge of Digital Humanities tools and topics. And to our hosts, both individuals and institutional partners, for excellent planning and facilities.I am especially grateful to Vanderbilt University for widening the scope to include colleagues from other universities nearby–I think we formed the beginnings of a future consortium.

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