Cassandra Koontz

  • Graduate Student Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching; Science Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt Scientist in the Classroom Partnership; Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology, Vanderbilt University
  • Vanderbilt University

As an archaeological scientist (bioarchaeology, GIS analysis) situated within the broad, humanitarian field of Anthropology, I am constantly struggling to teach students how to think critically about scientific data, interpret data, and apply data to big-picture research questions about what it means to be human. Furthermore, as a professional, I often encounter challenges working with lone-wolf scientists who would rather not collaborate. I'm interested in learning more about educational technologies, course design, and professional strategies that can facilitate meaning collaboration in the sciences. I am particularly interested in new data visualization techniques to engender new perspectives on gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and critiquing data.