Bob Stepno

  • Retired academic & former journalist
  • UNC-CH, UTenn, Radford University, Va.
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @bobstep

A newspaperman turned anthropologist, musician and software industry tech writer, I wrote an M.A.L.S thesis about hypertext in 1987-88 (using OWL Guide, Storyspace, HyperTIES, HyperCard, IRIS/Intermedia etc.), before the Web convinced me to re-enlist for a Ph.D.

With some A.B.D. teaching, the doctorate took me most of a decade to complete ('94-'03). Taught mostly Web skills & writing in four journalism/media programs before retiring from tenure track in 2012 to lower my blood pressure and get more music back into my life.

My interests include journalism, popular culture, cross-media adaptation (e.g., news & biography to fiction, novels to film, film to radio, comics to & from radio & film), digital archiving of pre-digital media, and social creation of media & media-focused associations -- including YouTube music sharing, lessons, and online networking of traditional (folk, old-time, Irish) music venues, events, players, dancers, and listeners.

See for my historical research project using digital audio archives and print archives, drawing on, Smithsonian, Google and elsewhere. See for my musical explorations.