Miriam Martin


I study Latin America and the Atlantic World with a focus on race, rebellion and revolution at Vanderbilt. My dissertation titled "Black Auxiliary Forces in the Eighteenth Century Atlantic World" focuses on black militias from the Saint Domingue Rebellion and their entrance into Central America. I've always been particularly interested in technology as a personal tool, and I'm excited to use it as an academic tool. I have great hopes for scholarly collaboration through crowd-sourcing and digital datasets, and I believe the historical community is on the verge of a methodological shift as more archival sets become digitally available. I'm looking forward to discussing my dissertation within the closed, critical scholarly community, but I am also excited to share the greater themes and discoveries with a general population. I believe the quickest and most exciting venue for academic conversation into the populace is through DH. I have no best score in Galaga, though... I'm lucky to make it through the fire bombing formations.